Terms and Conditions

Today is a good day so no big Terms and Conditions, just be a good citizen of UAE. Khalas!!!

  • Selling/buying animals is categorically prohibited on Second Hand Dubai.
  • Reselling unauthorized items is prohibited. It is illegal to resell vouchers, sim cards, etc. Please refrain from selling items if the UAE law prohibits reselling them.
  • No political/religious statements allowed.
  • Foul language, insults or libel will not be tolerated. Please keep the posts/comments respectful to all.
  • No adverts allowed so any post that promotes pages,brands,products, etc. will be deleted to make room for second-hand items.
  • Duplicate ads will be deleted. Please do not spam the site. You can always go back to your initial ad & type a comment under it to have it bumped to the top of the site

Thank you & happy buying/selling!

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