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Intelligent and self-balancing electric scooter

Contact: +971-55-9823440 | Demand: 400AED

+971-55-9823440 | 400AED
Intelligent and self-balancing electric scooter with 65x25x23cm adapter    and(A pair of knee braces and a elbow-riding condom)
Basic features

  • A battery-powered delivery that takes you anywhere in your area without any effort
  • Durable tyres maintain flexible anti-slip contact with the road for a smooth ride
  • Foot pedal supports comfortably positioning your body
  • Built-in product with dual engine to maintain a well-balanced power system
  • Design with the perfect position to navigate and perform routine tasks

OverviewSelf-balancing scooters self balance motorized board a stylish look and protect it from abuse at the same time. It creates a whole new look to an electric skateboard and sets you apart from the crowd.


Basic features

  • Durable polyethylene covers to protect your knees and elbow from bumps and bumps
  • Flexible fast-jawed and adjustable belts for perfect fit and easy removal
  • Fixed screws keep pillows firm and safephoto_2021-09-04_11-47-11